Notable Cases

Represented a severely injured plaintiff in Harris County District Court in a product liability action against a major manufacturer. Crafted an entirely self made theory based upon momentum physics and energy transfer to articulate a design defect cause of action that was not apparent.  Reached a confidential settlement with the defendant.

Represented a plaintiff in Federal District Court in an employment discrimination action against a national corporation. Crafted an argument illustrating alleged liability based upon drawing distinctions between treatment of various employees and the plaintiff, in addition to articulating that there was malicious intent behind seemingly trivial yet adverse employer action and inaction directed toward the plaintiff. Reached a confidential settlement with the defendant.

​Obtained a favorable trial judgment in Harris County District Court for a construction company in commercial litigation against another company. Crafted and presented prevailing theory that shielded company from almost all liability. Client construction company was found liable for only 4% of the damages sought.