The Bozeman Law Firm was opened to make premium litigation services (the definition of a litigation boutique) more accessible to entities and individuals from all over the state of Texas that are not ultra large corporations. The firm enforces the rights of businesses and individuals who have been wronged or are on the wrong side of an injurious dispute. The goal is to rectify those harms suffered by giving a legal voice to those businesses or individuals so that justice may be obtained for those parties. The Bozeman Law Firm is adept at handling difficult, novel cases.

Proficient preparation and astute advocacy describe the energy output, approach, and performance the law firm utilizes in all of its cases. Proficient preparation refers to the firm's analysis, as thoroughly as it can, of all avenues of preparation so as to possibly discover, craft, and utilize legal arguments that are not always apparent but are effective and warranted for remedying the harm or injustice. Astute advocacy refers to the process of persuasively articulating those arguments using the insight that results in their creation. At The Bozeman Law Firm, trial advocacy is valued. The firm will not just litigate your case. The Bozeman Law Firm will present your case to a judge, arbitrator, or jury, so you can be heard and so you can be heard, loudly.

Fee Structure

Many law firms bill their clients hourly fees to be paid to the firm regardless of the outcome of litigation or trial. This is a tremendous risk for the client. The Bozeman Law Firm takes much of that risk away from the client by bearing much of that risk. The Bozeman Law Firm bears much of that risk by charging a contingency fee for attorney's fees. What this means is that the client owes the attorney no fees unless there is an award of compensation or unless the parties have agreed to settle the dispute. The fee paid to the attorney comes directly from a percentage of that award or settlement. The contingency fee structure aligns the law firm's interest in prevailing with the client's interest in prevailing. If The Bozeman Law Firm does not recover anything, the law firm is not owed any fees from the client. 

The contingency fee is combined with expenses and possible retainer fees that are paid to the firm to prosecute a legal action to enforce rights. Expenses are not fees paid to the firm but are costs to maintain the lawsuit. Any expenses that are paid directly from the client are paid at the client's discretion. The client has the final say as to what expenses for which it wants to pay.


All cases are subject to modification of these terms by their respective retainer agreement with The Bozeman Law Firm. The description of terms explained here only serves to give general guidance as to how the firm employs its fee structure. Under no circumstances are these terms controlling or binding as to the fee structure for an actual case taken by The Bozeman Law Firm.