The Bozeman Law Firm handles various types of commercial disputes. A common commercial dispute is breach of contract. But the law firm handles all sorts of business disputes that may or may not result from a voluntary business transaction with another party. Commercial disputes get their name from the commercial entities involved. Sometimes, these entities conduct business with one another and a dispute as to that transaction may arise. Other times, there may have been no business relationship between the parties to a dispute. A third party may have encroached upon the business dealings of two other parties, resulting in termination of that business relationship or contract. This particular instance is called tortious interference with a contract or business relationship. And still other times, there may be other types of harms experienced by a commercial entity at the hands of another.

All of these harms may be rectified through compensation, punishment, or some other means. The Bozeman Law Firm is ready to answer the challenge of fighting for you by attempting to rectify those harms.

Commercial/Business Litigation